Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealistic painter and has put together a collection of Angel Art between December 2014 and December 2015. He is able to fully survive through grass roots support from his fans like us just through the internet. Below are a few places he can be found, if you love the work and are interested in supporting him.

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The first place is Patreon ( A couple hundred people pledge money monthly in exchange for some soft benefits or a subscription to the prints that he releases.

The second place is through his official website ( in which he publishes new pieces as limited edition prints as they get released. The best selling item is the book, which he self publishes.

The final place is through Kickstarter, where he takes pre-orders for releases that require him to make larger production runs like books and coins. He’s currently planning on trying out other items there like figurines and statues.

The whole thing survives on grass roots support from fans that find the project through the Internet. He uses just about every image based media outlet to raise awareness of the project. This year Reddit and its users turned out to be the largest and most engaged group of supporters in which you can see if you follow him (

In the end, he only needs a tiny fraction of the number of people to support the project than a large published game would need. Even with the added expense of having a small staff to help him with things like customer service, production assistance and accounting, it’s still more profitable for him than working for gaming companies.

“I know of several artists that have made life long careers out of a sales based business as opposed to a commission based business. I prefer making sales to taking commissions, so I’m hoping that I can do the same.”

All images © Peter Mohrbacher. To see more visit his patreon or his deviantart pages.

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