Witcher 3 Senior Quest Designer Jakub Rokosz has started his own game studio: Fool’s Theory. Their first game has now been announced, Seven, which promises to be a “Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG” set in a non-linear world with sandbox elements. Certainly an exciting set of phrases, and the art splayed across the official site looks lovely.


The world itself is set long after a mysterious apocalypse, with nature having retaken large swathes of the Earth. Humans live in ramshackle towns, scattered across the landscape. There’s also talk of magical buildings that sprouted from the ground in the recent past and the various factions that want control of them for their secrets and power. Plus, the destroyed cities of previous human civilization are ripe for plundering and exploring.

In Seven you’ll take the role of a lone traveler roaming the world of Empire of Vetrall, who is constantly facing its cruelty and confronting its dual nature. The Apocalypse that took place many centuries ago didn’t quite wipe out completely everything as humanity is what is left of it and is slowly recovering, but the shape and condition of this new world is far from what it used to be. In this new reality the Dark Ages are constantly interweaving with the ancient advanced technology and it hasn’t made it any easier for those who were lucky or unlucky enough to survive.


Seven is a Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG in which players will get a chance to freely explore the sandbox world of the Vetrall Empire. Set in a ‘beyond post-apocalyptic’ environment the game will redefine the isometric RPG genre. The classic gameplay is totally reinvented by the protagonist’s ability of free-traversing obstacles on any height, both horizontally and vertically, thanks to his parkour skills. Quest lines set in the environment is being created by the minds behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can expect branching choices with moral consequences.

Check out some of the illustrations below and check back soon as the game develops.


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