With the latest move from Analog Rebellion aka Daniel Hunter, a magical musician, comes the album: Full Frontal; a magnificent masterpiece.

Daniel Hunter first began posting electronic and mashup music to myspace under the name PlayRadioPlay! during his senior year of high school, and garnished quite a large following, posting song after song with an unstoppable force. He was then quickly signed and released his first full EP in 2007, which hit the Billboard Electronic Chart topping out at #6. Under a year later he released a full length, which gathered the support of indie pop acts, that he began to tour with nationally over the next year.

In 2009 Daniel changed the name to Analog Rebellion and released Ancient Electrons, then followed it up with numerous EP and B-Sides, a collection of sorts. Thus is the entrance to Full Frontal, to which some have claimed distain of his name. Beyond the album art I find this album quite appreciated and the obvious push of progression. He explores themes that are somewhat taboo and you can see it in every letter, and every sound. Where Ancient Electrons was a guitar-wailing adventure of bizarre topics walking through a Texas desert-sized ramble, Full Frontal is the whittled-down trapped in suburbia cousin.

This album is rife of emotion and ideas. For someone who has been a long time fan and who has seen his progression, drive and growth, I’m excited for the future of Analog Rebellion.

Listen to or download the full album for pay what you want specially from bandcamp.com

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