This collection of ‘treebeards’ sees the union of the human face and plant life, with half or parts of the features removed and replaced by the wild growth of greenery. Overall, the metamorphosis of mortal characteristics into alternate botanical life forms unite two categories of existence into one, redefining the term ‘human nature’ as a seemingly new species of hybrid creatures.

Cal Redback manipulates human + nature into hybrid botanical bodies. With sharpened skills in digital photography and retouching, and an interest in the manipulation of the body through photoshop, french artist Cal Redback has comprised a series of surreal compositions that deform and reform individuals with the natural world.

Art Of The Mind 1 Art Of The Mind 5 Art Of The Mind 4 Art Of The Mind 3 Art Of The Mind 2


All images © Cal Redback. To see more visit his 500px or his behance pages.

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