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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Inspirational Typography From The Hands Of Sean Wes

Introducing Sean Wes, a typographer who's quite inspiring.           All images © Sean McCabe. For more information, check out his TV Video Series.

Stop-Motion Animation of The History Of Typography

Let’s face it, fonts and typefaces have officially become a mainstream obsession. In our current design-centric culture, terms like sans-serif, Helvetica, and — heaven forbid — Comic Sans have breached the cultural consciousness. Fortunately, for those of you who...

A Rare Look Into The Guidelines That Google’s Graphic Design Team Follow

In April 2011, Larry Page took the reins as Google’s CEO. He didn’t waste any time getting down to business. On his very first day on the job, Page launched an incredibly ambitious effort to redesign the company’s main...
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Gaming companies are reportedly the next targets in the US government’s potentially broader Tencent purge

Some of the biggest names in online gaming in the United States have received letters from the U.S. government requesting information about their relationship with the multibillion-dollar Chinese tec…
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How America’s war on Huawei may boost Chinese technology

From September 15th the Chinese telecoms giant will no longer be able to buy vital semiconductorsHUAWEI IS ON the ropes. From midnight on September 14th the Chinese technology giant will be cut off from essential supplies of semiconductors. Without chips it cannot make the smartphones or mobile-network gear on which its business depends. America’s latest…

Recommended Reading: Microsoft’s Panos Panay on the Surface Duo

‘It’s 8 P.M. on Election Day.’ Experts Share Their Nightmare Scenarios.The New York TimesWith less than two months left before the US presidential election, you’re not alone if you’re concerned about the potential for inaccurate or delayed results. Several election experts spoke to The New York Times about the things they’re losing sleep over, ranging…

New Nest Thermostat hits FCC with 60GHz radar, hinting at Pixel 4-style Project Soli gestures

Google appears to have a new Nest Thermostat in the works, according to new FCC documentation. It could be equipped with Google’s Project Soli radar motion controls, in what would be a first for the company’s home products, as spotted by Droid Life. There’s very little to go by in the current crop of documents,…

My Favorite Stock To Buy On A Pullback: Nvidia

After watching the notable launch of the Nvidia (NVDA) second-gen RTX GPU, I waited for an article on Seeking Alpha reflecting the importance of this event for Nvidia and its stock. Instead, the most recent article takes a pro-AMD (AMD) narrative. While I am a fan of AMD, I nonetheless see this launch as highly…