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Chromecast vs. Google Cast: What’s the difference?

Best answer: Simply put, Chromecast is the consumer-facing Google branding for its streaming products, sold as standalone dongles or built into smart TVs, connected speakers, smart displays, and Android TV boxes. Google Cast is the media streaming protocol for software developers that want to to add Chromecast compatibility into apps.The best 4K dongle: Chromecast Ultra…
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CES was a snoozefest

Technology disrupted our sleep, but now it’s trying to help us get it back At a certain point during the last week, I found myself wandering the halls of CES, looking for the gadget that would fix all of my problems. Maybe it’s the modern condition, or just a sign of having been involved in…

1989 Oldsmobile Actually Thought Celebrity Offspring Could Save Them

Gif: YoutubeWith a name like Oldsmobile, it’s hard to shake the air of stodginess. By 1989, GM was more than aware. By that point, though, it was hard to make a splash with new technology like front-wheel-drive. Everyone had seen that. But they hadn’t met most celebrities’ kids. And so that’s what Oldsmobile gave them.The…

Maker of dreams and artificial humans: Meet Pranav Mistry, the brain behind new Neon project

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Las Vegas | Updated: January 13, 2020 11:30:08 am Pranav Mistry, president and CEO of Star Labs, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. (Express photo/Nandagopal Rajan)The NEON stall at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was an anomaly — it had no products to show, just some large screens with…

Meet Ballie: Samsung rolls out mini robot ‘life companion’ at CES 2020

LAS VEGAS — Samsung Electronics has seen the personalized technology of the future — in the shape of a yellow softball-sized robot called Ballie. In a keynote speech Monday night here at the sprawling CES 2020, company executive H.S. Kim demonstrated what he called the “next evolution of IoT (internet of Things).” The beeping sphere…