If you’re an iOS gamer, you have to be oblivious to literally have no knowledge of Clash of Clans, the best strategy game on the App Store competing with Candy Crush Saga to be the No. 1 in the top grossing game chart. Its wild success has entailed a ton of followers from either big or small mobile developers, and as such there are bound to be some competitors. For some the reason most of the competitors have fallen out is mostly because it might involve graphics, game balance, in-app purchase, replayability, etc. I have to say Galaxy Factions is such an ingenious game that has successfully stolen a couple of hours out of me.

The game has a setting in the vast galaxy, which will be a shoutout to fans of space war. The core game-play though is nothing new as you are tasked to build an unbeatable military base on an obsolete planet, gather precious resources, recruit unique heroes and troops, and lead them to fight in PvE or PvP battles for loot and glory.

One of the most interesting and playable factors in Galaxy Factions is its hero system. Heroes, as well as troops, are the main forces you can deploy either offensively or defensively. They are basically divided into several tiers. Low-tier heroes can be found in the Single Player Campaign. Other tier heroes can be found through online battles. While legendary heroes have to be purchased in the Vault using “Matterium” (the in-game currency). Players can also share their heroes with other players within their Alliance. If you would like to try out different new heroes, make sure to create or join an Alliance for more real player interaction.


Each hero has a set of special skills that can be unleashed in battle. Some skills just require a single touch to activate, while others require you to select the direction or area of skill activation. Each skill has a cool down period during which you cannot use it again until it has refreshed. Of course you can shut the CD instantly by spending a certain amount of Matterium.

Aside from the hero system, there’s some unique buildings that are very interesting. The first is the Star Dock, which allows players to access to NPC travelers such as the traveler, the merchant, the engineer, the commander, and Heroes. You will gain different bonuses depending on the visiting traveler, and when a Hero visits you, you will then be able to hire and purchase them on a daily basis in the future. Additional visits from an unlocked Hero will act like hired time. Probably it’s a not-bad choice that you keep upgrading the Star Dock to increase the frequency of visitors.


In general, Galaxy Factions offers an intense flavor of Clash of Clans. A number of game settings, ranging from the interface, the base building elements, the real-time strategy combat are all highly reminiscent of COC. But its galaxy war theme, added with a fully fleshed Hero system, has incredibly impressed me. There is no denying fact that it is one of most juicy and playable COC-like games on the iOS platform.

Check it out as it’s free for iOS: Grab it here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/galaxy-factions/id705081304

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