You’re perhaps aware of Trent Reznor’s side project: How To Destroy Angels. It was announced back in 2010, with a single picture and the rumor of Trent Reznor being involved to encapsulate an growing hype and excitement. And here we have the second album, the deeper and darker sophomore release; Welcome Oblivion.


With dark loops engineered in a gothic basement playing on ancient TV’s loops of fine art film projects to overwhelm the mind, combined with synths and drifting drums pounding, Trent has delved deep into his artistic dungeon to saw together some of his most exploratory and genius works, and what he produces here is nothing short of extraordinary.



It’s dark and foreboding and you feel the winter dark chills creep close behind, and you have but to glance around to see who might be following, as if you’re thrown into a classic scene from a thriller movie, only you’re the one hunted. The twists and turns grab and hold on to you for their very lives, unrelenting any hope to forget.

There’s so much emotion held bondage, yet escaping to warn of a drab Eastern European club, filled with Russian gunslingers and AK-47’s held between arms. As the album progresses you’re guided with a fist full of jacket from behind straight into the pit of the mob boss, who is deciding your fate.

Despite the gloom and dreary there’s classic Trent Reznor, and you can feel his hands all intertwined, drawing from his sphere of influences, as from previous albums.

If you wish, you may hear the full album until the 26th here.



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