Jono started the project with the the ultimate app-controlled treehouse but after working on the design for several months, he tossed out the tree house idea for something better: a “Skysphere” overlooking the beautiful New Zealand countryside with a built-in beer dispenser, multicolor LED lights, a room full of custom furniture, all of which to be operated by voice commands. The 270 square-foot Android-controlled man cave was designed and built 33 feet off the ground, is totally and completely solar-powered as well as a carefully-engineered window that offers 360 degree views of the valley below. Digitized visitors fingerprints have been previously recorded and are greeted by name when they come in the door.

Williams came up with the design and ordered all of the materials before he even knew how to weld. He started this project completely from scratch, teaching himself everything he needed to know along the way. After finalizing the design, he imported 4 tonnes of steel from China and then welded all the pieces together himself.  The doors are motorized too, and if it gets a little bit too hot inside, the Android-controlled computer system automatically opens the top door to release excess heat. Reached by a ladder inside the column, the Skysphere is fully equipped with high speed internet, a projector and a wireless sound system. There’s even a rooftop stargazing platform.


Eventually he plans to relocate the tower to a seaside location and build his home downstairs, probably for much less than most contemporary homes cost to build and is self sufficient. It’s hard not to be impressed by that kind of dedication, and maybe even a tad jealous and we’re highly excited for what he has in store next!


All images © Jono Williams. To see more visit his Skysphere or his Facebook page.

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