There’s a simple album that grew from nothing to overwhelm me, from the moment I heard it and I’d like to pass it on to you: James Blake’s latest album OVERGROWN which comes out April this year.

Perhaps you’re aware of James Blake. Maybe not. He studied music and completed his studies in 2009 and releasing his first record that same year in England, which became a favorite on BBC radio 1. He’s since released 5 EP’s which has show and has even vaulted him to quite a fantastic artist over the last few years.

Mixing loops and synths and ocean breeze there’s something uncanny in this album and probably due to the support from Wu Tang’s RZA and Brian Eno. A strange combination by the RZA collab and oddball cover, but the Eno feature makes quite a lot of perfect sense. I’m finding myself trying to decide and understand the meaning of a stag over his right shoulder, and a waterfall over his left. Simple thought of RZA as the stag, and Eno the waterfall?

There’s melodies and emotions showing scars screaming from behind the past, probably some of which overgrown by the rough passing of each month. The chill vibes coming from the eclectic cafe, sing of memories of a distant time, or speculation of that which was greater.

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