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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Invention of near futuristic headlights that will turn rain invisible to the driver.

You've probably been there before, perhaps driving in the middle of a deep blizzard or in intensive rain conditions that you you can barely see a foot in front of that which can distract even the most seasoned driver...
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AT&T on track to cover 1.1M rural locations with fixed wireless LTE this year

AT&T's Igal Elbaz, SVP of the company's wireless technology operations, said that the operator today covers roughly 880,000 customer locations with its LTE fixed wireless technology. And he said AT&T expects to reach its previously announced goal of 1.1 million locations by the end of this year. "We know that fixed wireless works," Elbaz said…
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This viral video shows how the Pixel’s live voice transcription absolutely destroys the iPhone’s (and why it matters)

We all know Google's speech transcription technology is really, really, really good. Not only is it the best in the industry, it's doing it without a data connection: Pixels have been transcribing audio on-device for some time now, and that's been owed to Google's extremely impressive transcription algorithms that utilize machine learning hardware on its…

Rossen Reports: Privacy fears on contact tracing apps

Rossen Reports: Privacy fears on contact tracing apps Hide Transcript Show Transcript Hi. Yeah. These contact tracing APS tell you if you've been exposed to someone with Kobe 19. I'm seeing a lot of confusion about this online. Is it automatically tracking my every move? How do I turn it on? How do I turn…

With $84 million in new cash, Commonwealth Fusion is on track for a demonstration fusion reactor by 2025

Commonwealth Fusion Systems closed on its latest $84 million in new funding two weeks ago. The U.S. was still very much in the lockdown phase and getting a deal done, especially a multi-million dollar investment in a new technology aiming to make commercial nuclear fusion a reality after decades of hype, was “an interesting thing”…

Bionic eye with better vision than humans coming in five years

The world's first 3D artificial eyeball -- capable of outperforming the human eye in some ways -- may help droves of people who are partially or fully blind in as little as five years, according to experts.Researchers from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have devised an electrochemical eye whose structure and performance mimic those of…