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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Galaxy Factions: New for iOS – A Galaxy-Based RTS similar to COC with Some Beautiful Twists

If you're an iOS gamer, you have to be oblivious to literally have no knowledge of Clash of Clans, the best strategy game on the App Store competing with Candy Crush Saga to be the No. 1 in the...
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Hands-on with the Hyper GaN Stackable USB-C charger [Video]

Last year Hyper launched the world’s smallest 100W USB-C charger thanks to its implementation of GaN technology. Now the company is back with an even more compact and functional way to power up your devices with the HyperJuice GaN Stackable Charger. Follow along for a hands-on look as well as how to get 50% off…
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Elon Musk and SpaceX launch Starlink satellite broadband amid pandemic

In vast swaths of the United States and the world, there are millions of people who don’t have reliable internet access. These unconnected people aren’t just in far-flung places like rural America or New Zealand or sub-Saharan Africa, either. There are plenty of people living in dense city centers who struggle to access affordable broadband.…

Epic Games Acquires Kids’ Technology Platform SuperAwesome

12:08 PM PDT 9/25/2020 by Trilby Beresford Rachel Luna/Getty Images; Courtesy of SuperAwesome Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney; SuperAwesome co-founder and CEO, Dylan Collins The company allows developers to create safer digital experiences for children on the internet. Fortnite maker Epic Games on Friday revealed the acquisition of SuperAwesome, a technology platform that…

Gaming companies are reportedly the next targets in the US government’s potentially broader Tencent purge

Some of the biggest names in online gaming in the United States have received letters from the U.S. government requesting information about their relationship with the multibillion-dollar Chinese tec…

How America’s war on Huawei may boost Chinese technology

From September 15th the Chinese telecoms giant will no longer be able to buy vital semiconductorsHUAWEI IS ON the ropes. From midnight on September 14th the Chinese technology giant will be cut off from essential supplies of semiconductors. Without chips it cannot make the smartphones or mobile-network gear on which its business depends. America’s latest…