So a few days ago there was an article in the New York Times about the new Model S Tesla car you might have read about. The review seems to be going fine, except for the heading picture, the car on a tow truck. Issues come out that the car has “major flaws” and the journalist gives examples of such within, ending with the disaster of running out of battery, and “dying to coast to the side of the road.”

The man in charge, Paypal billionare, and Space X founder; Elon Musk had a bit to say in response in the fox interview below.

The latest is an article from Slashgear who posts the stats referring that the car ended up driving in circles for the last hour, in what Elon Musk sort of refers to the entire article as an attempt to make bad press to sell papers? Maybe far fetched, but there’s obviously something fishy going on here.


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