NeonMob is a platform and community for discovering and collecting awesome, original, limited-edition, digital art. For those who grew up collecting comic books, cards, stamps, coins or other collectible paraphernalia, the concept of collecting online doesn’t stretch the imagination. The difference is, NeonMob is online, which makes finding fellow collectors and trading partners much easier – and on NeonMob, anybody can create stuff for others to collect!


So there’s some super fantastic artists on the web these days, quite a bit of which goes unnoticed. So there’s a fantastic new site and NeonMob has come out with a way for you to enjoy the experience of exploring that art, and being able to hold on to it in a different sort of way; through online collecting.


So being that the site is still in beta there’s currently a handful of sets from different artists. Each of the sets have around 100 different original prints, that depending on the rarity have thousands of collectable items, though some have limited prints, and some unlimited, depending on the print count. There’s 7 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Extremely Rare, Mixed and lastly the most rare of all, the coveted: the Chase.


Collect with Us: NeonMob is the evolution of collecting. We are enabling creators and artists to create original digital content for others to enjoy and collect online. We are the next generation of collectors. Lucky for you, I’ve got connections into the beta, and you can sign up through us…


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Ethelyn Brye is an award-winning author and blogger. Growing up in Switzerland and influenced by renowned Swiss design and a lot of fresh mountain air, she attended and completed design studies in Geneva. Post graduation she moved to Washington State to work for a design firm, but her love of writing brought her to Cyanosaur. She's highly interested in strategy rpgs, mountain climbing, board games with friends and skiing. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her lovely cat Armstrong.

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