New leaks for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system have been frequent in the past few weeks, and the latest leaked version of Windows shows us a Windows 8.1 Pro Preview version. Windows 8.1 is expected to bring the desktop and mobile worlds together meaning that secondary OS’ like Windows 8 RT will be scrapped in favour of a unified solution. Windows 8.1 represents the first major overhaul of Windows 8 since its incredibly disappointing release performance – sales of Windows 8 have been very low, and Dell have even blamed Microsoft for their declining financial situation that Windows 8 has apparently caused.


Windows 8.1 is now more than guaranteed to be Microsoft’s next operating system release and we can expect that it will be released in September according to industry sources. Previous launch rumours had suggested August but now September apparently seems more accurate for Microsoft’s launch plans.

June is still expected to bring the first beta launch of Windows 8.1 (Blue) as the Microsoft build developer conference takes place in June (26th to the 28th) in San Francisco (in the Moscone center). Microsoft is planning to release only a single testing build of Windows 8.1 so it can bring the final product to market faster. Sources suggest Microsoft is already half way there with the refresh as it has reached one of the two development stages.

So it looks like everything is proceeding full steam ahead with the Windows 8.1 OS but one thing that does strike me is there is still no start bar. Since this was one of the main criticisms against Microsoft, for the desktop version of Windows 8, you would of thought they might be bringing it back due to popular “protest” as it were – evidently not.

What are your thoughts on a new Windows 8.1 OS coming by September?

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